Where Am I?

I keep the same goals as at the beginning of the year, Have a an average of 85 of Above, pass all my regents and have my graduation. This are my goals because I want to improve in life, it only can happen by working hard in school. No, I kept everything the same because I am doing good, So I don’t need to change my concentration, I change something I’m Scared of screwing everything up. Yes I finish with my application I am just waiting for my graduation to become and realize all my goals, and have a prosper future. I haved choose a college (Suny Dutchess) I planned to do two years and then have transcription for (Suny Cortland) my last two years to prepare to become a Gym Teacher. I Already visit Suny Dutchess, I like it, It;s big with enough space, and many fields where I can go. No I just work with my mom, I get paid so I’m fine, I practice my communication with people that I don’t know.

College is not an option

Mr. Freedman/Mrs. Flores/Mrs. Pagan

I Think College is not for Everyone, When I finish my high school senior I asked myself, “should I go to college? . I’ll say yes but there’s more things to think about . Not everyone can afford to college, or have the ability to accomplish a college career. Going to college is not the best choice for every high school graduate because many students cannot handle college, and not all jobs require a college degree. A high school graduate may say that, “college is the best option if trying to get a higher level of education, and will help  to compete for a higher paying job.” but I can work in Factory, Restaurants, Bus driver, Construction and many other jobs. All these jobs can give a good money, a decent house, and a car, not right away but eventually can happen. Of course this will change my goals, college can change my life completely, in a whole different level because high level of education gives more opportunities in an open world, education is important but I can survive without having a career. College also requires a lot of good grades, grades that not present who truly I am, I feel that colleges requirements are so strict that not everyone can accomplish. Another aspect to not attend college is the financial problem, I can have very good grades, but I don’t have the money to pay for colleges will not give me the  courses free. It’s more the all the things that I need to do, than not wanted to attend colleges. With a high school diploma i can a lot opportunities more difficult but It’s more how myself working hard, it makes it easier because after high school I can go apply for a job, and not being waiting four years. Higher education level is not a requirement to succeed in life, it all depends on the effort and mentally, life has many opportunities that are waiting, just need to know where I can those opportunities.

The Exit Interview

Mynor Perez

Mrs. Flores

  • Wednesday, September 25 I walk into room 221 to do my interview to Ms. Flores, she’s a bilingual teacher, 33 years old. I asked my first question, How do you feel yourself confident as the time passes? “I look back of what I have accomplished so far and that I can do everything I said to my mind, if I work hard enough, because I drop out high school and people think  that I wouldn’t be able to do anything in my life, but now I have a good career and good education”
  • I was listening to her answer and that makes me want to have my second question, How do you convert weaknesses in your strengths? She said that one thing that she does is to have questions when she don’t know something, she thinks that sometimes that could be annoying but is the only way to know the answer, “if you don’t ask, then you never going to know”.
  • I wanted to make this interview more interesting so I asked my third question, Where do you see yourself in another five years? She humbled responded that hopefully wants to be a director, principal or assistant principal but the main one is to write a book.
  • I wanted to see the things that she can do for me, so I asked, What can you do for me that someone else can’t? She said, “I would do my very best in my power to help you” for example in her free time or staying after school, the most important thing is that I need to be interested to learn.
  • I know that she has a motivation but I didn’t know what was her motivation was so I asked, Mrs.Flores what motivates you in your life? She said my children’s, culture and family, but she has and extra motivation of writing a book, I don’t know what going to be about, but I am sure that is going to be a success.
  • On my mind I was like “I want to know her goals” so asked her, she respond saying “ My goals are to buy a nicer house and financial independence” because she went to school as an adult so she had to pay bills and a lot of responsibilities, another goal is to do community service.
  • For all the things that she went trough so I have asked her, Do you consider yourself successful? “Yes I consider myself successfully, because I think that success is stagness” she said, small things are success, people should things in the small good things and not in failure.
  • My next question was, How would yours friends describe you, “she said I have two personalities mom and teacher, she consider herself as a leader and not a follower, she would listen your opinion and theN she would tell you why her opinion should be the one heard. 
  • Between all this i wanted to have something difficult to answer, I ask Mrs. Flores if u could go back in the time, would you change something? She said that no, except for her attitude because when she was in high school she was (muy jorona, not like Abel but kind of).
  • Then my last question I wanted a message that I would remember, so I asked her, What is the most important message or belief that you hope I will take with me and remember throughout my entire life? “ Do whatever you want” because we can do all the things, but we have to feel confident about ourself. “ the only way to failed if you give up.
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